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Fresh produce & unique varieties directly from our farm!
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Unique Selections.
Your Choice.
We grow unique varieties that are not found in markets. Discover all the flavors nature has to offer.
Unbelievably Fresh.
Organic Practices.
We harvest 12 hours before you pickup for unbeatable freshness. We use only organic growing methods.
Your Farmers Market...
Browse and choose what you want directly through our online shop. Pickup at our designated location.
fresh produce online
We've got incredible produce that's freshly harvested and available for purchase online. Pick up at our designated location.
What should we grow next?
You tell us!
varieties you want
Our one-of-a-kind GROW program lets you vote for which crops you want us to grow. Choose from over 200 crop varieties!
Doing it the right way.
Barley Oats was founded on the idea that food, health, and environment can be balanced in harmony. We pledge to deliver you high quality produce while doing it the right, organic way. No short cuts, ever.
We rigorously follow organic practices

No synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

No heavy machinery. Small hand tools only.

Regular crop rotation for healthy soil

Emphasis on crop diversity and varieties
Where to Find Us
We've teamed up with the wonderful folks at Otow Orchard to bring you fresh and organically grown vegetables. We grow all our produce on site at Otow's and provide pickup and direct sales through Otow's farmstand. Come by and check it out- it's stocked with fresh vegetables, delicious fruits, and a variety of local farm products.
Barley Oats Farms
6232 Eureka Rd
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(on site at Otow Orchard)
(916) 800-7680
Hours (May - Feb.):
Tue - Sat 10am - 6pm
Sun 10am - 5pm

Hours (Mar - Apr.):
Tue - Thu 11:30am - 1:30pm
Fri - Sun 10am - 5pm