Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
How does Barley Oats Farms work?
We have two main programs:

  1. Shop: Choose from our in-stock crops in our online store. Checkout, pay, and select your pickup dates. Finally, pick up at our designated location during your chosen pickup date.
  2. Grow: Vote for your favorite varieties through our Grow catalog. Enter your email when voting so that when the crop has been chosen for growing and is ready, you will get a notification.
What does the farm grow & sell?
We grow vegetables. Our partner, Otow's Orchard, has delicious fruits and other farm products for sale on site.
Why should I choose Barley Oats Farms?
Produce consumed close to its harvest time has unbelievable taste and freshness. There is also a huge variety of different crop types that have incredible flavor but are difficult to find. Supermarket produce suffer from both of these problems: produce can travel days and many miles from the farm before it gets into your hands, and crop varieties are mainly chosen for marketability and transportability. Barley Oats Farms wants to fill the gap by providing produce that is harvested the day you pick up and our Grow program allows you to try unique varieties not found in markets. We want to offer these advantages to you conveniently by shopping and choosing through our website.
Is your produce organic?
We are not certified organic (due to cost and time reasons), but we absolutely follow 100% organic practices. We use preventative techniques rather than rely reactively with broad spectrum insecticides. This means maintaining healthy soils, using row covers, planting beneficial plants, and regularly rotating crops. Only as a last resort and on rare occasions, we may use organically approved pesticides.
Where else can I find your produce?
We also have produce available for sale at the Otow Orchard farmstand. Come by and check out their farm stand for fresh vegetables, fruits, and other excellent farm products. See location here.
Is delivery available?
Pickup is currently the only option. We are working on our delivery services and plan to offer it soon. Please sign up below to receive notification when delivery is available
Can I visit Barley Oats Farms?
Yes, come on by. Our farm is located on site at Otow Orchard's close to the farmstand. Please ask the folks at Otow Orchard farmstand on where to find our vegetable farm. Most of the time, the crops will be under row covers so you might not get to see much.
Online Shop
When and what do you have in the online shop?
We grow with the season and post produce to the shop whenever it is ready for harvest. We share what is currently growing in our farm and the approximate time it will be ready. You can sign up for notifications there so we will notify you when the crop is ready.
How do you price your produce?
We try to make our prices competitive to farmer's market organic produce prices. At times, we may get a bumper crop and be able to sell at a discount. At other times, certain crops may require more effort grow (i.e., peas and beans), and so the prices may be higher than their mechanically harvested counterparts. Please remember that farming is hard work, and we try to get you produce at an affordable price with a fair margin.
Are there any additional fees with my order?
No. You will only be charged for the prices posted in our online shop.
How do I apply a coupon code?
During checkout, you will find a "Coupons" form on the billing page. Enter your coupon code there and see the discount get applied.
Where and when do I pickup my order?
The pickup location is currently at Otow Orchard farmstand in Granite Bay. The pickup days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday every week and are choosable by you when you checkout. Pickup anytime during those days during business hours: see details. Just come into the farmstand and tell Otow's friendly staff that you are picking up from Barley Oats.
What if I miss my pickup date?
You can still pick up anytime during the business hours. Please note that the sooner you pick it up, the fresher your produce will remain.
Grow It!
How does the Grow Program work?
Our grow program gets you a chance to tell us what to grow. Visit our crops catalog, choose the crops you want us to grow by clicking Grow It, and enter your email. If the crop gets chosen to grow, and when the crop is in stock, we will send you a notification.
How does Barley Oats choose what crops to grow?
The most important factor for choosing is based on votes- the most popular will get chosen. We also consider factors such as farm space availability, crop seed availability, and whether the time to grow is right.
When do certain crops go up for vote? How long do they stay up for vote?
The crop types up for vote depend on the season and what we decide to plant next. We typically start the voting process a few weeks before we start planting, and we'll keep the crop up for vote for about 2 weeks. Please subscribe to our updates below and we will let you know when a set of crops is up for vote.
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Can I make suggestions on crop varieties not in the catalog?
Yes, we welcome suggestions. Please send us a message with the crop variety you are looking for. The more information you the have, the more helpful it will be for us to find seeds for it.
Contact Us
How do contact Barley Oats Farms?
Send us a message on our contact page. We will typically get back to you within 24 hours. You can also reach us at (916) 800-7680. Please note that we are very busy farmers! If we do not pick up, leave us a voice mail and we will get back as soon as possible.