Connecting you to your food
Our Mission
Barley Oats was founded on the idea that people should have convenient and direct access to local farmers and their farm products. Where your food comes from and how it was produced should be transparent to you. Farmers should be able to listen to your requests and grow for the market accordingly.
Unbeatable Freshness
Your produce should not travel thousands of miles and suffer days in storage. Barley Oats harvests produce the same day you pick up. It's fresher than ever, packed with more nutrients, and has a longer shelf life.
Your Local
The closer we are, the fresher it is. We're conveniently located on Otow's Orchard in Granite Bay and we're here to serve the neighborhood.
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Harvest to
Your crop is typically harvested within 12 hours of pickup. It's so fresh that it's practically still alive!
Hand Grown
Hand Picked
No heavy machinery means no bruised or damaged crops. We manage your crops from seed to harvest with only our hands and manual tools.
By providing you in-season crops only, we can assure you that they grow stronger, taste fresher, and provide more abundant yields.
100+ Crop Varieties
We grow unique varieties not found in markets. Whether you're looking for Heirloom, Asian, Herbs, Shoots, or anything else ... we've got it all. Our one-of-a-kind grow program lets you tell us the variety you want us to grow. We want to hear from you!
Grow It
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Caring for the Environment
One of our central missions is to keep the balance between food and the environment. Along every step from seed to table, we make the right environmental choices while meeting our goal of delivering you fresh, nutritious produce.
Locally and organically grown
No synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
No heavy machinery, all hand-grown
Water efficient drip irrigation
Sustainable soil management
100% Organic Practices
Your Health Matters
We grow food the right way - all organic, no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and hand grown & harvested. We use non-chemical pest prevention techniques whenever possible: row covers, crop rotation, and beneficial insects. On rare occasions, we only use organic and safe insecticides such as neem oil and spinosad.
Come Visit Us
We've teamed up with the wonderful folks at Otow Orchard to bring you fresh and organically grown vegetables. We grow all our produce on site at Otow's and provide pickup and direct sales through Otow's farmstand. Come by and check it out- it's stocked with fresh vegetables, delicious fruits, and a variety of local farm products.
Barley Oats Farms
6232 Eureka Rd
Granite Bay, CA 95746
(on site at Otow Orchard)
(916) 800-7680
Hours (May - Feb.):
Tue - Sat 10am - 6pm
Sun 10am - 5pm

Hours (Mar - Apr.):
Tue - Thu 11:30am - 1:30pm
Fri - Sun 10am - 5pm