Bilko Chinese Cabbage
Chinese Cabbage
Large-sized Chinese cabbage with sweet blanched leaves
$3.75 per 1 head
Orazio Fennel
Orazio Fennel
Huge, rounded bulbs with crisp anise flavor
$1.50 $1.28 per 1 bulb
Clio Italian Dandelion
Specialty Greens
Uniform and serrated with tangy and pleasantly bitter flavor
$3.00 per 1 bunch
Asian Greens
A popular Japanese mustard green with serrated leaves and mild flavor
$3.00 per 1 bunch
Shanghai Bok Choy
Asian Greens
The most popular bok choy with dark green, round leaves
$3.75 per 1 bag
Asian Greens
Beautiful glossy green rosette heads with a mild mustard flavor
$3.50 per 1 bag
Santo Cilantro
The standard cilantro with good flavor
$1.25 per 1 bunch
Striking blue-green kale with savoyed, tender leaves
$2.75 per 1 bunch
Delicious grey-green kale that turns purple in cold weather
$2.75 per 1 bunch
Kweik Lettuce
Butterhead Lettuce
Lime green tender heads that melt in your mouth
$1.50 per 1 head
Monastrell Onion
Red Onion
Superb storage red onions with slightly flattened bulbs
$1.50 per each
Tender pea shoot tips with unique twisting tendrils
$3.75 per 1 bag